The Conference Surveys


Welcome to the Conference Surveys site. This site aims to be a central repository for the results of conference surveys that have been taken by attendees of The Perl Conference (formerly YAPC) and Perl Workshops series of events. Although initially developed for Perl community events, the surveys can be used by any other event. If you are organising an event, and wish to make use of our services, please get in touch.

To understand more about the surveys themselves, please see our page About The Surveys for a more detailed explanation of the emails and types of surveys available. If you have feedback or questions regarding the individual surveys or this survey site, please direct email to Barbie.

Would you like to use the survey software for your own conference or workshop? If so, we can host and manage an instance for you, especially if you use the Act system to promote and manage your event online. However, please note, that the use of Act is not a requirement, and alternative systems can provide the necessary data to prepare the surveys. Please contact Barbie, with details of your event.

Perl Conference Results

YearEventLocationSurvey ResultsFeedbackRaw Data
2017TPC Europe 2017Amsterdam, The NetherlandsHTML--
2017TPC NA 2017Alexandria, VA, USAHTML--
2016YAPC::EuropeCluj, RomaniaHTML--
2016TPC 2016Orlando, FL, USAHTML--
2015YAPC::EuropeGrenada, SpainHTML--
2015YAPC::NASalt Lake City, UT, USAHTML--
2014YAPC::EuropeSofia, BulgariaHTML--
2014YAPC::NAOrlando, FL, USAHTML--
2013YAPC::EuropeKiev, UkraineHTMLPDF-
2012YAPC::EuropeFrankfurt, GermanyHTMLPDF-
2011YAPC::EuropeRiga, LatviaHTMLPDF-
2010YAPC::EuropePisa, ItalyHTMLPDF-
2009YAPC::EuropeLisbon, PortugalHTMLPDF-
2009YAPC::NAPittsburgh, PA, USAHTMLPDF-
2008YAPC::EuropeCopenhagen, DenmarkHTMLPDF-
2007YAPC::EuropeVienna, AustriaPDFPDF-
2006YAPC::EuropeBirmingham, UKPDFPDF-

Perl Workshop Results

YearEventLocationSurvey ResultsFeedbackRaw Data
2019London PWLondon, UKHTML--
2018London PWLondon, UKHTML--
2017London PWLondon, UKHTML--
2016London PWLondon, UKHTML--
2015London PWLondon, UKHTML--
2015German PWDresden, GermanyHTML--
2015Dutch PWUtrecht, NetherlandsHTML--
2014London PWLondon, UKHTML--
2014Pittsburgh PWPittsburgh, PA, USAHTML--
2014Dutch PWUtrecht, NetherlandsHTML--
2014German PWHannover, GermanyHTML--
2013London PWLondon, UKHTMLPDF-
2013Pittsburgh PWPittsburgh, PA, USAHTMLPDF-
2013German PWBerlin, GermanyHTMLPDF-
2012London PWLondon, UKHTMLPDF-
2012German PWErlangen, GermanyHTML--
2012Israeli PWRamat Gan, IsraelHTML--
2011London PWLondon, UKHTML--
2011German PWFrankfurt, GermanyHTMLPDF-
2011Pittsburgh PWPittsburgh, PA, USAHTML--

Other Event Results

YearEventLocationSurvey ResultsFeedbackRaw Data
No events listed


  1. PDF documents contain addition notes and observations by the respective organising team.
  2. Raw data will be made available as soon as possible, once contents have been sanitised to remove any data that may identify an individual.
  3. Since 2008, the survey has provided the ability to rate individual talk sessions. The results of the data submitted for each talk is only made available to the speaker of that talk.